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Youth Programs

Redeemed Youth Mentoring & Life Skills

Changing a teenager’s outlook on life involves changing their vision and helping them understand that they have value – a life mission. When teens recognize that they can have a significant and positive impact on their world, they discover they really do have the skills and the ability to help others. 

One of the most important areas of emphasis for The Most Excellent Way Learning Life Centers is the counseling and mentoring of youth age 10 to 17 years old. The focus is on prevention of juvenile delinquency and violence, through specific training for at-risk youth.

The approach is based on successful truancy prevention and drop-out prevention. It’s PROACTIVE, MOTIVATING and ENCOURAGES SUCCESS. To put it simply, we focus on getting young people to envision positive outcomes, build their self-worth and find their real purpose in life.


The five approaches to reducing truancy:

  1. Build greater MOTIVATION in students to commit to education

  2. Create rapid new INSIGHT on each individual student to understand root cause

  3. Encourage more understanding and SUPPORT from home

  4. Guide each student to a vivid sense of purpose and a clear VISION for their life

  5. Improve interpersonal skills and outcomes between students and their peers


Life Skills Component

  • Youth learn to build advanced skills in teamwork, communication and problem solving 

  • Youth learn to apply advanced methods in organizational skills and self confidence


  • BA and MA level Mentors are screened and provided on-going training

  • Mentoring for youth in foster care

  • Mentoring for youth in out of home placements

  • Mentoring children of incarcerated parents

  • Mentoring youth of substance abusing adults (COSA)

  • Mentoring youth within the Juvenile Justice System


  • BA level Behavioral Assistance

  • MA level In Home Intense Counseling

  • Psychological assessments 

  • Individual, group and family counseling 

  • Family reunification plans

  • Case management services for youth offenders

  • Anger management

  • Parenting 

  • Marriage counseling

  • Spiritual counseling


** Transportation is available for all youth participants


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