Daughters Against Domestic Violence

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Daughters Against Domestic Violence

Breaking the Cycle of Victimization

There are three key elements behind mother and daughter workshops. The first two are “mothers” and “daughters:” the individuals who come together to make real changes in their lives. The third element – and the one we’ve mastered – is “workshops.” In our no-nonsense but caring workshops, mothers and daughters develop relationships skills and learn conflict resolution, parenting skills and life skills. 

Schools, churches, public audiences and private groups will benefit from our education and friendly atmosphere for sharing ideas on topics including:

  • Domestic violence

  • Incest

  • Abuse/neglect 

  • Girl bullying

  • Congenital drugs

  • Mother-daughter dynamic: Mending, renewing and restoring 

  • Women in transition

  • Divorce and children

  • Mentoring our daughters

  • Our fathers daughters

  • Mother teach me to pray

  • Oh no, I'm just like my mother!


These workshops have been done with many teen groups as well as groups of mothers and their daughters, helping to break the cycle of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. All workshops must be requested in writing at least 90 days in advance.


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